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Gotthard (1st Part, 1992-1999)   Leave a comment

I thought that all you could find in Switzerland was cows, chocolate and financial institutions. Who’d believe that a band from there was going to be so amazing? In fact, thanks to them, we have discovered some great bands from around there, like Krokus, China and Shakra. Their music started sounding in Azzurro several years ago, when they were mostly unknown in this part of the world.


Recently, a year or two ago, they came here twice. Once to Bilbao and then to Sestao. The audience those events came a bit as a surprise and (I really shouldn’t say this) we were partly responsible for the grater-than-expected number of attendants.

On December, 8th they’re coming back to Bilbao, back to Santana 27. And I’ll be damned if I miss that concert. But let’s first take a look at this amazing band’s history…

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